Saturday, March 30, 2013


Sorry I've failed again. Really bucking up to finish my short animation film project. So would be in hiatus.

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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Imaginative drawing with reference for today.
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Friday, March 1, 2013

Some new stuff since the beginning of 2013. Some works and studies. Will try to update daily this time. Promise xD

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Works from 2012 that I didn't manage to upload ! Enjoy !
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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sem 1 Year 3

Yes, Sem 1 Year 3 has come and gone. So quickly, but the process was slow. I have to say i was struggling quite a bit during this specialization semester. Not problems with my work, but with myself. It was really hard staying motivated and being disciplined. I have to say this is the worst of me in my entire time at The One Academy. I was late for class , I skipped submissions/deadlines , skipped lecturer critiques. All because i was constantly slacking and lazy ..... Im glad it's over.

But I would have never make it this far if not for my friends. They have stood by me, keeping me in check, slapping me in my face and rejecting my invites for a game of DOTA2 because they know Im in trouble. I thank you all. And im sorry if i ticked of some off you during my.... "emo phase" and i hope you guys will forgive me. I really am sorry.

I would also like to thank to my wonderful lecturers to have so much patience with me and putting up with my inconsistency in work progress. And also for the knowledge and critics that help me better my works.

Now i just want to rest and do other stuff and prepare....


Yes, it's finally here. The final project which we are require to form in groups of 4-6 from different specializations to come up with a short animation film of about 2minutes. Yes i agree it is short but heck, the seniors look so stressed and rushed, and merely a handful make the deadline. Oh well, Im glad I made it into a group of close people i know and had LOADS of experience working with.

So yes, Im excited and ready to go! Oh, yes and i'll post my recent works below. ENJOY !!


Ok so imma start with them paintings , you can also find them at my Deviantart. 

6 legged moose with it's calf.
Chair. trying something new.
Doodle, experimenting on inking.

Just another random painting i got tired halfway and started to grow fungus so i decided to end it.
Have to say, One of my favorites so far. Done in 3 hours. Strongly inspired by an the artist of Konlonie: The lost empire. Check them out.

Now for the videos !!

So this semester we started on character animation and it was really new to me as before this we only concentrated on body mechanics. This sem we learned more about character building and personality and much much more. So this was what i was able to come up with. Enjoy !

PS: personally the best works are at the back. :D


My 1st time really getting into Adobe Aftereffects. Learned a lot. We we're require to animate text limited to our Class name and ID along with a few options of music he supplied us with. And the lecturer advised not to follow the overly cliche text animations that we find online. So this is what i came up with.

However he said there wasn't much "text" so i didn't score. oh well. enjoy!


Public Service Announcement <<<
Too lazy to upload. Youtube it is!

So we have a subject called Composting and Editing this semester which basically let us in on Adobe After effects and Premiere, Post production stuff. So this is one of our final projects for this sem is to make a short advertisement, music video , public service announcement or commercial

Well i went with the shortest and easiest (which i was wrong) Public service announcement. Oh well, wasn't able to egt a good camera but oh well, Enjoy.

Oh yeah , The ING insurance thing at the end is because we we're required to add sponsors , kinda like a TV thing.

So i guess thats about it for now. Most probably wont post anything until next sem break but meh, ya never know !

Thanks for reading and good luck !


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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Chinese new year!

So it's the first day of the chinese new year today. So i guess i'll just some things up.

Well i have tried to be more actively involved in art ? But well, my lazy side is still pretty much dragging me everywhere . =[  oh well, sculpting is fun, Im trying to sculp big daddy from Bioshock 2. And in animation we have to finish our blocking after cny.

Btw, i tried for the Local (well, singapore) League of Legends (awesome game , i suck at it tho)  FANART COMPETITION!! Well i made it into the top 10, however didn't seem to make it to the finalist. Ohwell.
Here is my entry, "Katarina the Sinister Blade". 

Yeah , Don't do much characters. But to be honest i had fun with this piece. Rather then the regular environment ones which I take too long to finish cause it gets boring. I just cant get the level of result i want and the satisfaction isn't there, and soon enought, the piece just need to gets finish and move on to the next. Just like this one....

Oh well, I have a week of holiday now. But lots of heavy assignments. But yet im too lazy to tend to any of them WHICH i should and MUST attend too because its getting too late... But... TEAM FORTRESS 2!!!!!! its so fun omggggggg..... meh....

ai wish ool off yiu off da heppli liu yaaa!!!

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Friday, January 6, 2012

Year 3 sem 1

So as enthusiastically i started out this year, well reality kicks in and yes, its hard to keep my new eyar resolutions. Still trying. Well this sem sound very serious when the lecturers briefed us about how hardcore we should be taking on our animation major.

So yeah I'M PAINTING TOO SLOW. And my painting keep changes , cause i take too long and the moode changes , contents, wtv. Some paintings even get split into 3 individuals. Need alot more practice. Im working too slow.

Oh well, only 2 paintings to show since last post.. forgive me . *headesk*

Hope i get more productive... soon... not much time left. GAMBATEH!


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